About MTF Services Ltd

As well as being able to supply equipment from some of the major manufacturers, we are also proud to offer some unique products of our own, designed and built here in the UK to the highest specifications and using the best materials available anywhere.

Mike Tapa has worked as a mechanical design engineer in the film and broadcast industry for just over 30 years. In that time Mike has worked on many projects including lens design, various lens conversions, underwater camera housings, arial camera systems, covert cameras (glasses, pens, buttons etc.) as well as miniature cameras for sports (snooker pockets, cricket stumps etc.)

With experience in seeing a project through from the CAD (2D & 3D) stage to personally manufacturing prototypes, collimation, projection, MTF testing and even engraving, Mike has a track record which is second to none.

Mike has also become familiar with many aspects of film and broadcast production from camera use, both film and video, non liner editing systems, Steadicam operation, in vehicle and on vehicle camera set ups to head and tripod servicing.

However, Mike's main area of expertise is mechanical/optical design and over the years, has been part of the development team of some award winning products.
These include:

The Excellence modular periscope lens system (for which Mike was responsible for ALL of the mechanical design, manufacturing, build, testing and overall project management). This was not only the worlds first modular periscope but also the worlds first High Definition periscope and also included the worlds smallest 10mm lens (35mm silent aperture format). Used on "Harry Potter" and "underworld" to name just a few, this lens system is highly sought after and is still doing sterling work for rental houses worldwide.

Award Winning

And our image intensifier which was also awarded the Academy of television arts and sciences scientific and engineering award.

The Aurasoft softlight which was awarded the Academy of motion picture arts and sciences scientific and engineering award and the Academy of television arts and sciences scientific and engineering award. Used on many productions including "Goldeneye" , this light can still be seen illuminating BBC's "Top gear" studio!

World's Firsts

  • Canon EF to Sony PMW-EX3
  • Canon EF to Sony FZ with electronic aperture control
  • Canon FD to Canon EOS-M
  • Canon FD to Sony FZ
  • Mamiya M645 to B4
  • Nikon G to EOS-M
  • Nikon G to Canon XL
  • Nikon G to Sony E
  • Nikon G to Sony HVR-Z7
  • Nikon G to PMW-EX3
  • Nikon G to Sony FZ
  • Nikon to Sony PMW-EX3
  • Nikon to Sony HVR-Z7
  • PL to Canon EOS-M
  • PL to Sony E
  • PL to Sony PMW-EX3
  • Sony Alpha/Minolta to Sony PMW-EX3