From our friends at Adorama New York

From our friends at Adorama New York.

5 Benefits of Using Lens Adapters.

Camera lenses are essential for better images—plus they allow you to add variety to your shots. Most photographers tend to invest their money in high-quality lenses, from wide-angle to macro, and usually, they end up spending more on them than their actual cameras. But what happens when you want to upgrade your camera or switch to a different brand that no will no longer accept the lenses in your collection?

This is where a lens adapter can come in handy.

What exactly is a lens adapter? It’s a metal ring that allows you attach any lens to your camera—even if it isn’t compatible with existing mount. There are many lens adapters on the market that can be used with big camera brands like Canon, Nikon, and Sony.
Types of Lens Adapters

First, let’s discuss the type of lens adapter you can use. Currently, there are three kinds available on the market. They’re classified as standard adapters, focal reducers, and specialty adapters.
Standard Adapters

These are the most common type of lens adapters. Let’s say you have a lens that’s only compatible with Canon cameras—but you want to use it on your Fujifilm camera. For that, you’ll need a standard adapter to mount the non-compatible lens to your camera. These adapters are usually available for different types of camera mounts, so you should have no problem finding one that will allow you to use your desired combination of lens and camera body.

Also, there is no glass or any sort of element that may alter the performance of your lens. The adapter is simply a connector that holds your lens at a precise distance from the camera’s sensor to ensure accurate focusing.
Focal Reducers

As the name suggests, this type of lens adapter reduces your lens’s focal length. It can help give you a more full-frame look since it lessens the crop factor of your camera. Because of this, they can be more expensive than other lens adapters, but it’s still a good choice for those who want to shoot “full-frame” images with their crop sensor camera.
Specialty Adapters

Unlike the first two types of lens adapters, this one is a more eclectic category. But the most popular are the specialty lens adapters that can turn your existing lens into a telephoto or tilt-shift lens, for example. This is handy for when you want the effect of a certain lens, but you don’t necessarily want to invest in that specific lens just yet.
The Benefits of Using Lens Adapters

If you’re not quite sure whether you should be using a lens adapter for your trusty camera, we’ve listed down a few reasons below:

1. Allows you to use your lenses with different brand cameras

For obvious reasons, brands offer lenses that are only compatible with their own DSLR or mirrorless camera models. Each brand has their own unique lens mount, which means that the mount on the camera and the lens are compatible. Since lens mounts on different camera brands are not universal, photographers cannot use different brand cameras and lenses interchangeably.

With lens adapters, you can use different brand lenses with your camera, so if you decide to purchase a Nikon camera despite having a collection of Canon lenses, you will have no problem using them together.

2. Allows you to use different formats together

Most professional photographers these days own more than one camera body so as to have a backup camera on hand or to allow them to switch quickly between different cameras for their different needs. In most cases, it’s usually the same type of camera (a DSLR) from the same brand. But there are also those who prefer to two different cameras, such as one DSLR and one mirrorless camera, on hand for shoots. And if you’re one of the latter, you would definitely benefit from having a lens adapter so you don’t have to lug around different sets of lenses for each camera.

Lens adapters can also be used to bridge different formats, meaning you can use a larger sensor camera with a smaller sensor camera. For instance, with the right lens adapter, you will be able to use an APS-C lens with a Micro Four Thirds camera.
3. Allows you to use older lenses

If you’ve always wanted to use an older lens that is no longer compatible with today’s camera models, a lens adapter is your solution. Many vintage film lenses are still considered better than some of their digital counterparts, which is why some photographers prefer to use them. A lens adapter allows you to use these lenses with your own digital camera, so that you can enjoy the superior image quality of a particular film lens while still taking advantage of the ease and convenience of a digital DSLR camera.

4. Gives you more creative freedom

Creative freedom is a must for any artist, especially for photographers. Lens adapters, specifically the ones that allow you to turn an ordinary lens into a specialized lens (like a tilt-shift or a fisheye), are highly useful for beginner photographers who don’t have the budget to invest in different lenses.

Having a lens adapter encourages you to be versatile and to try different things. Instead of sticking to just one type of image, a lens adapter will allow you to try out different photography styles for more variety—which is especially important if you’re building up your photography portfolio.

5. Saves you money

This one is extremely important as camera lenses can cost you thousands of dollars. Purchasing a lens adapter can save you a lot of money, since you won’t have to keep buying lenses every time you upgrade your camera or whenever you want to try a different type of lens effect. Some brands sell lens adapters at an affordable price, which is great if you’re on a budget. But do keep in mind that there are some fakes and imitations out there, and while buying them may seem like a good idea if you’re trying to save a buck, you would probably end up wasting your money since they likely won’t perform as advertised—so you have to make sure to purchase your lens adapters from well-known brands and trusted retailers.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran to photography, lens adapters should be an essential part of your camera gear. Aside from adding variety to your photos, they also give you an opportunity to use assorted lenses that aren’t compatible with your current camera body.