From our friends at Adorama New York

From our friends at Adorama New York.

5 Benefits of Using Lens Adapters.

Camera lenses are essential for better images—plus they allow you to add variety to your shots. Most photographers tend to invest their money in high-quality lenses, from wide-angle to macro, and usually, they end up spending more on them than their actual cameras. But what happens when you want to upgrade your camera or switch to a different brand that no will no longer accept the lenses in your collection?

This is where a lens adapter can come in handy.

Fuji MK Lens Mount conversion

Fuji MK with FZ Mount Fitted

Since the launch of Fujinon’s MK lenses in February 2017, users have continued to request a greater range of mounts beyond the native E-Mount that can be found on the 18-55mm and 50-135mm lenses.
MTF have now addressed these requests and have designed brand new solutions to convert the lenses to Micro four thirds and FZ mount systems.


MTF Broadcast Services

Experts in broadcast equipment

MTF Services is the only company in the uk film and video industry to offer broadcast sales, servicing, design, engineering capability, and consultancy. The team consists of engineers, designers and consultants each with a minimum of 20 years experience in their chosen discipline.

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